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Category Price
Adult Ticket( 18 - 65) € 1.00
Young Ticket( 10 - 17) € 1.00
Senior Ticket( 65+) € 1.00
Child Ticket( < 10) € 0.00
* The table above refers to online prices for the current date. See full price list here.

Opening hours

Period Opening time Last Entry Closing time
April and october (working days) 09:00h 15:00h 18:00h
April and october (weekends and holidays) 09:00h 16:00h 19:00h
May to September 08:00h 17:00h 20:00h
November to March 09:00h 14:00h 17:00h
Only people of at least 16 years or older are permitted to purchase tickets